Sunday Morning joint while wearing lingerie by myself at home

Why not? For me, is a perfect plan. I´m used to being alone, although I live with my cat and he is the best partner to be honest.

I have always kept a distance between me and other people. I´m not attached to people, family or friends. I can easily live with a huge ocean in between us and not be upset about it. The whats app messages, the occasional video call, satisfy my needs of interaction. But I know that this behaviour doesn´t have a positive impact on my well being. You need to connect with people.

My mom knows I don´t do it with bad intensions, and I try hard for her to be more present. The voice messages, calling her, saying I love you. And I do it, because I do love her and is good for me.

I can spend months without talking to my brothers or nephews, but that doesn´t mean we are not close. I love them and we are close.

With them, I can manage the emotions correctly.

With man, I cannot manage shit. I get easily upset if I don´t get the attention.

So I keep myself to myself.

So here I´m smoking a joint while wearing lingerie by myself at home.

Me just chilling….

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