What the fuck is Cata love?

Well, Cata was a beautiful, grey, little chubby cat that I rescued from the streets when she was 2 months old.

I always had cats, but Cata was my first very own feline. I just settled down in Barcelona, got an apartment that allowed pets and Cata one day unexpectedly showed up in my life.

Cata died when she was 3 years. During the 2020 lock-down I was only accompanied by my 2 felines. I never thought that all that time we were spending together were the last ones.

On a Sunday night of August, she lost mobility in her back legs. Ran many test with the vet who sent me to a feline neurologist. After paying 1000 euros to find the damage, I was told that the only way to help her further was through a surgery that costed an additional 1800 euros + vet expenses. With no surgery, she was going to have a slow death. Couldn´t evacuate at all and she peed herself which would lead to infections.

I had to make a decision that I never thought I had to take. At least not during that time, during a fucking quarantine, by myself and unemployed.

So there I was, on the bus coming back from the feline neurologist. I had to pay 50% of the surgery in advanced, so the option of moving forward was not even available. I could barely pay the rent.

She got injured on a Sunday night, or maybe she already had a neurological damage the neurologist said. I put her to sleep by Friday noon.

I´m still sad. The experience was very unexpected, just like the way she came into my life.

I always talked to my cats and I used to say to her as a joke “We´ll be together until death tear us apart”. And look what fucking happened. Death did tear us apart.

I cried a lot, with an intensity I haven´t felt for years.

Growing my own cannabis and writing a blog are also unexpected decisions that life put in my way.

Is all fucking connected.

So cheers for Cata love. I´m sure we will see each other again Regina ❤.

One of her last photos
A couple of hours before taking her to the vet to put her to sleep. Didn´t know my friend was taking pictures, It was nice that she did.

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