“The Canadian love-machine”

It was 2012. After staying at my home country for a year and a half, I was ready to get the fuck out of there.

One of my dream jobs was to work at a cruise ship. I did some research in the past on how to apply, and I knew it was from your home country. The timing was perfect.

I found the opportunity, applied, went through a 1 day interview and waited for months. The process included: get your visa, medical exams and then wait for the ship assignment.

I finally got it. I was going to Carnival Liberty. Got a job at the duty free shops. Packed my bags one more time, took my 13 hours flight and there I was, ready to embark.

Just like the experience with the ski resorts, I have never been on a cruise ship before, but I was ready to move in for 6 months.

I loved it since the first moment I put my eyes on the beautiful huge ship. Surprisingly, it felt like home.

As soon I met my team, I saw this Canadian guy that was so fucking cute I would stare at him like an idiot.

His face, his body, his tattoos, his style, every fucking move he made was perfect.

I had to had him.

First night partying with the team. Couple of hours in, I was in his cabin sucking his dick.

Just like that.

We were super drunk and I don´t remember if I slept on his cabin or mine. The next morning I had mandatory orientation, so I had to wake up early.

Of course I was late.

The days went by and we started to fuck, but soon enough I realized that he fucked not only every crew member, but also many of the guest onboard. And on top to this, he had a girlfriend back home. I heard him say many times: “I love my girlfriend so much, she is so beautiful”. I felt sorry for that bitch.

Whenever a guy fucks me well, I get more possessive. I want to have them whenever I want to. So I wanted to fuck him more often.

Remember that he fucked many women, his agenda was super busy. He was “The Canadian love-machine”

Maybe 2 weeks into my first month onboard, I had one of my alcohol black-outs. If you read my blogs, it happened to me many times.

I drunk like a mother fucker. I was totally out of control. I wanted to fuck him and he closed the door on my face.

“Go back to your cabin”, he said.

When you work on cruise ships, there´s many rules you have to follow. If you are drinking too much, Security can breathalyse you. If you are over the limit, you go home. It´s in the contract we all signed.

I was wearing heels, I fell on the floor and hit my face. Of course I don´t remember much, but one of my colleagues from England really helped me out.

Took me back to my cabin and stayed with me.

The next morning I was mortified. I had a bruise on my face and everybody knew.

“She was out of control”, they said.

We all had a meeting with our manager who talked about the importance of understanding the limits. We were crew members and we had to be prepare in case of emergency. Everybody knew I was me the reason why he was reinforcing this.

When you work as a crew member and you do anything that could end up in a termination of your contract, you are not communicated about this right away. There´s a process to follow. What if people go mental in the middle of the ocean?

There´s always a home port where the ship returns to for embarkation and disembarkation. So on the day of arrival, if your manager along with Security, knocks on your door at 6am then is when you know you are out.

Security stays with you while you pack your luggage and makes sure you don´t do anything stupid.

They put you through Customs and then straight to the airport to go back to your home country.

Security didn´t breathalyse me that night, so I didn´t know how bad it was.

Was I on the edge of being fired after only 2 weeks of being onboard?

During my first week onboard I was assigned to the clothing section, so I spent most of my shift folding stuff.

That day I was folding a t-shirt, feeling mortified about the situation, when I looked up and saw that the Hotel Director was coming towards me.

Hello Cata Love, how are you feeling today?

I smiled and said fine. I had a bruise on my face and I was looking like shit, I wasn´t fine obviously.

He said: “You look like a nice girl and I don´t think that you wanted to behave like that. Because these are the first 2 weeks of your first contract, I will give you another chance, but I´m watching you”

I couldn´t believe it.

Of course I fucked it up a couple more times during that contract, but overall, I kept a low profile until my disembarkation day.

I ended up doing 4 contracts of 6 months each. Crazy but absolutely amazing experience.

Here I´m in Maho Beach, which is on the Dutch side of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin. This beach is right next to the airport. It was my second or third contract. The photo was taken by a Mexican who was 6 feet tall and looked like a Philippine.

We dated for almost a year. He broke up with me with a Facebook message…

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