What if my cat satisfies my maternal instinct?

I´m 39 years old and I do not need human babies in my life. Don´t get me wrong, I love kids, they are cute, innocent, fun, but I don´t need to have one of my own.

I look at my cat and he gives me all the love I need.

Is difficult to understand why some women think that the only way of being complete as a woman is by becoming a mother. I don´t judge them, but I don´t share the feeling.

I think I could be a really good mother, but I don´t want that responsibility. I never found myself in a position of becoming a mother either, never got pregnant, never planned it with any partners. Life never even presented the opportunity.

And that´s perfectly fine.

If you ask me for my dream scenario, it will be something like this:

Rescue cats, kittens, special needs, elderly, any cat that needs a home. I would love to be surrounded by cats. They make me truly happy.

Is such a cliché, right? Single, late thirties, living with 10 cats. I give a shit about clichés.

I believe that each of one us decide how we want to live our lives. Is a blessing if you can actually choose how to live.

So why doing something you don´t want to do? Choose your own happiness instead.

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