Christmas day 2020

This year has been different for sure, not just for me, but for the world.

I finished 2019 with hopes that 2020 would be better, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

For many people it has been a nightmare, lost of families and friends, lost of their business, and the lost of hope in general.

For me it has been different, but not a nightmare. It was a year to reconnect with myself. To ask real questions about the decisions I made throughout my life and analyse where those decisions have taken me.

Christmas 2019 I had dinner with my family and then I met with friends. That night was the last alcohol black-out I had. I was in the mood for drinking and smoking weed. I ended up in my friend´s bathroom, doing who knows what with one of her friends. A guy I´m not attracted to and I don´t even like his personality. What did I do in that bathroom? I have no idea.

2020 had no black-outs for me.

Negative aspects of 2020:

I was fired and my bank account was in 0 many times.

I had to put Cata to sleep because I had no money for her surgery. Her neurological damage was so bad that I had no options.

Positive aspects of 2020:

It was a year to stay inside and take care of myself. I lost those extra kilos I had and became more committed with my vegan habits.

It was the year when “Cata love” was born. A blog where I write for myself just because it feels good.

I have hope that we will all move forward but I know that we have changed.

The world will not be the same, simply because now we know that a pandemic can easily destroy all the foundations which we thought were strong.

I finish this year feeling that everything is possible.

Does it make sense?


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