My vegan journey

Young Cata love was raised in Argentina, a country that is well-known for its high-quality meat. I loved eating meat, the taste, the texture, the barbecue experience with your friends and family.

It wasn´t something that I planned or even picture for myself. It was something that happened throughout my life experiences, my travelling, and my own personal need to contribute to a better world.

I started to minimize the amount of meat when I travelled to USA the first time, back in 2004. I noticed that in order to get the same quality of meat I had to spend a lot of money, so I would feed myself mostly with chicken.

Years went by and I was still travelling to USA for work. My routine was the same, lots of chicken and salmon and amazing barbecues when I was visiting home.

But something started to change. I was getting more knowledge about the process that was needed in order to get that piece of meat on my plate.

When I moved to Barcelona in 2016, I was only eating salmon. I finally found myself in a place that was full of vegetarian options.

I started to learn about protein, how to replace it and how to feed myself properly. First I removed all the meat from my dishes and I was a vegetarian for 4 years.

I couldn´t picture my life without cheese, so becoming vegan was too much to ask by then.

At the beginning of 2020, before the pandemic was global, I stopped buying cheese. I learned again how to give new flavours, the one that would satisfy me.

Now I consider myself 95% vegan because I still eat cheese or cake in social gatherings.

I notice a huge difference in my body. I lost all the extra fat and increase my muscle. My skin is nice and soft.

We are raised thinking that our bodies need meat to survive and that is not true.

Now when I go to the supermarket and walk pass the meat section I can´t help but feel disgusted.

Those are dead bodies, why did it take so long to click?

Is important to try to minimize the consumption, and once the process starts, I promise it doesn´t stop.

If flows naturally, but you have to do it right.

You have to be open to learn new ways, experiment more in the kitchen with new flavours and textures.

You have to care about what really happens to those animals and to the world.

And once you start to care, there´s no going back.

And I´m so thankful for it.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova

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