Sometimes I steal my roommate´s cheese….

Don´t judge me, I never said I was a perfect vegan. There´s a supermarket that sells affordable vegan cheese that satisfies my needs, however…. sometimes I open the fridge and the non-vegan cheese calls my name.

It doesn´t happen often, but I think is nice to be honest about it. When I´m a bit down and things don´t make sense, is difficult to continue to commit with this type of decisions.

Sometimes it happens with meat too, but is usually for different reasons. Not too long ago, I was broke and in my freezer there were a lot of frozen home- made food that one of my previous roommates left. I defrost everything and ate it. I´m pretty sure that the delicious stew had meat on it. It was either eat the stew or starve so I ate the fucking stew.

We do what we can, right?

At the end of the day, is all about long-term commitment. If you fuck it up one day, you try to make it better the next day.

Photo by Skitterphoto. I added the extra drama with the phrase….

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