Starting 2021

So today I was going back to work after the Christmas holidays. I was having mix feelings. On one hand I was happy to go back, but on the other hand I was feeling super lazy. Is very cold in Barcelona. Who doesn’t love staying in bed in winter?

This is the first time ever I have a part time job and I’m definitely underpay. It’s completely different to what I have been doing for the last 10 years. Different environment and different job description.

The company might be moving outside of Barcelona soon and I don’t know if I would follow them. Now I ride my bike to and back and if they move I will have to catch a bus and a train. I will have to negotiate a pay raise and that stresses me out a bit. I picture the conversation with my boss over and over again. Do I want to follow them if they pay me more money?

I was feeling very anxious this morning. I was riding my bike thinking about all the things I had to do at work and at home. Do you know that feeling at the beginning of the month where all of your fixed expenses are deducted and you still have things to buy but no more money left?

I try not to worry too much. Right now there´s so many things out of my control, but I´m thankful that I have a roof above my head, food on my table, I´m healthy and so is my family and friends.

Why do we stress so much?

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