I´m a highly-functional smoker

Of course, that when I’m not high I´m much faster and sharp, but overall I can manage to do anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t drive or put myself or others at risk.

But I talk about the everyday routines, walks, cooking, cleaning, doing my collages, doing laundry. All those activities that you know by heart already.

However, sometimes I wonder how much weed is too much weed?

I smoke a mix of THC Sativa and a bit of CBD. I don´t smoke tobacco and before I smoked pure THC, but I was a bit too much. I´m enjoying more this combination.

Sometimes I don´t feel like I need to smoke, but I do it anyway. It´s a habit that is so impregnated.

I don´t seem to have control over cannabis and I don´t really like that feeling.

I´m unable to say no to a joint.

Me by me

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