The process of cutting him off

What I´m talking about is when you meet someone you like and things look to flow well. You get a bit excited and I´m all in when it comes to fantasize my entire life with that person. I have a big imagination.

On the outside, I will never admit this. I don´t show myself as someone who needs anyone. However, in my fantasies, I do. I know that by fantasizing things that afterwards do not happen, it creates expectations that can easily feel like a slap on the face.

Maybe that´s why it has always affected me big time whenever someone didn´t like me back. And that happened many times.

On the outside, you can say that I look normal, nice to the eye. Man have a specific image of me. I´m still not sure which one is it.

But I´m never able to show myself to man. Not the real me. I have some sort of an attitude, or maybe I´m playing a character. Man always take me out of balance.

With this guy in particular, I tried harder. I was much nicer and I opened up more. Now, we talked every once in a while, but only because I initiated the interaction.

If the other person is not showing interest in you, how much can you try?

It takes to the point that if it makes you a bit upset that he doesn´t care about you, the healthiest thing is to avoid any interaction in the first place.

So that´s what I´m doing now, slowly starting the process of cutting him off.

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