My pantry obsession – Shelf one

I´m obsessed with my pantry, for real.

I recycle all of my glass jars, and sometimes recycle the packaging of the food as well. I cut the name of it and I tape it on the jar.

I like having a combination of different things in my pantry, so I add different types of food easily and fast.

I add a teaspoon of my mix of seeds, hemp and nuts to every meal. It makes it easier for me to add more vitamins, minerals, protein, healthy carbs and fat, omega 3 and fiber.

Throughout the years, the ones that are essential for me are:



-Pecan nuts


-Black and white sesame seeds

-Flax seeds

-Hemp seeds

-Sunflower seeds


-Dark chocolate

-Peanut butter

-Nutritional yeast


Yes, that is my hand-writing…. and my life is in Espanglish

Stay tuned for Shelf 2…..

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