Figuring out how to set up my Cannabis Kit

Collage and photo by me

DECEMBER 14th 2020

After thinking about it for ever, I decided that I was going to finish 2020 with my cannabis kit. It took me a while to find the one I wanted and that I could afford. I finally placed the order.

I received 3 big boxes, got everything out and got a bit worried as this was definitely out of my comfort zone.


I´m still trying to identify what is each. The actual tent came with instructions, but nothing else. WTF.

For every little step forward, I have to watch a tutorial 10 times.


I´m starting to realize this is going to take longer than expected….


I asked this cute guy to help me and he said yes, but cancel on me on the day he was supposed to come.


I realized that I´m missing the hangers for the Led and the filter. I´m currently broke, so I´ll have to wait a bit more.

There´s so many things I have to learn, but I try to remind myself that I wanted a fucking challenge.


It took me a while to set up the tent and don´t make me start with the Vents TT, the cables, the extraction of air…
Now I´m stuck at not understanding what´s the order when putting things together…. the vent, the filter, the fan…


This is taking much longer that expected. I need an extra pair of hands to hang the filters, etc, so I have been stuck setting up the ventilation system.

I´m not in a hurry, but it will be nice to finish 2020 with the kit set up.


So I notice there´s a lot of procrastination on my side with this new project. Every single step forward requires time and I keep pushing this on a side.

I started with Cata Love at the same time and I´ve been inspire writing blogs.

Don´t worry my beautiful cannabis kit, I´m still here. Mommy is just busy with other things.


I just decided you need a name. From now on you´ll be “Kitlandia”

Check out


Is funny how I wanted to finish the year with everything set up, I´m still stuck with the ventilation system….


Can you see the cannabis? I have to admit I have been busy doing many collages

Collage and photo by me


I placed the order for the hangers a while ago and then a huge storm happened in Spain and all deliveries have been delayed. It looks like is arriving today.

I think that I´m almost ready. I decided I will start with clones, because I need to get some cannabis fast. My roommate works at a couple of cannabis clubs and I can get some good quality clones from her.


I finally got the poles! and luckily my roommate was at home so I had an extra pair of hands to set it up.

This is how it goes….

I was very excited when I plugged it in and everything started working

This is already a huge milestone for me. Now I will have to watch a couple of tutorials for the next steps like how to regulate it all together.

Let´s see how long it takes…

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