From eating steaks like a mother fucker to being 95% vegan

I was raised with meat, especially red one. Never thought about not eating meat until my twenties. Living in different countries allowed me to try different ways of feeding myself. It took me many years to stop eating meat. It began gradually, simply because I couldn´t afford the good stuff.

Barbecues are key in my culture. For many years, it was a special treat for when I was going back home.

When I wasn´t in my home country, I ate mostly chicken and fish.

So I minimized my consumption of meat very slowly, and I kept like that for years. Until I moved to Barcelona.

One day I found myself living in a place and a time where I had access to many vegetarian options. That´s when something clicked. My body does not need meat or any animal product to be strong.

It´s been such a long process and I´m sure that taking the steps to learn how to feed myself properly without animal protein is one of my biggest accomplishments.

Nowadays, at home, I don´t buy any animal products, at least, not the most obvious ones. But I socially eat cheese, milk, or any yummy thing that I cannot say no to it.

I don´t make those exceptions with meat. I can´t help but seeing an animal cadaver every time I look at one.

I don´t do it perfectly, I don´t force myself to do it perfectly. I do what I can, in the way that I can, when I can. And that´s a lot.

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2 thoughts on “From eating steaks like a mother fucker to being 95% vegan

  1. The best approach. I avoid milk and egg as much as possible, but I eat pizza and breads containing eggs. I don’t like the radical approach.

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