The Female Barry

Back in 2010, after working at Ski Resorts for 6 years doing winters back-to-back, I decided it was time for some sunshine.

I had a degree in Hospitality management, so I thought it could be fun to work at a hotel.

I applied as an intern and I got the internship in a beautiful island in the Florida Keys.

The place was huge, with hotel rooms, cabins, and employee housing. I was living with a South African and an English girl.

The first month was super fun, the weather was amazing and the people were great.

I fucked a couple of random guys as usual. Got drunk, embarrassed myself dancing on top of the tables and who knows what else.

There was this guy, one of the F&B Directors that would stare at me every once in a while, but I didn´t pay much attention.

We had a birthday coming soon, so the birthday boy wanted to go to The Keys in a limousine to party like mother fuckers. Of course, I was in.

I got into the limo, and the “Director” was there. He sat next to me and in one fucking second I was seduced.

We partied, went back to the island, we fucked and we fell asleep.

We both lived in the employee housing. They had 2-level cabins with 2 bedrooms each, and our cabins were right next to each other. He invited me over for dinner the next day.

When I arrived, he said he had something to tell me.

Director: “Barry is my ex”

And who the fuck is Barry you might ask?

Well, Barry was my boss. She was taller, blonder, and younger than me (and I was there as a fucking intern). She had these beautiful blue eyes and an amazing personality. I loved Barry. I was speechless.

I knew she was dating another Director. Later I found out that they both arrived at the island together and she left him for the other guy. That was months before my arrival and she was already living with the other guy. She kept talking about him at work, she kept saying how in love she was.

Considering that she was in a relationship and he was single, I didn´t make too much about it and continued seeing this guy.

It lasted for 5 months. During that time everybody knew we were fucking, but no one saw us together. It was mainly gossip. I would sneak out in the middle of the night and we slept together all that time, but we didn´t hang out in public. We had a very private life. We would leave the island, drove to Miami, spent the night, and came back.

I fell in love with this mother fucker. I really did.

My internship was finishing soon. I hated my job so I wasn´t considering extending my visa. I knew he wanted to go back to New York, so we both knew it was going to end soon.

The day of my flight he drove me to the bus station that would take me to the airport. Helped me with my luggage, hugged me, said “take care”, got back in the car, and left.

Just like that.

When you travel a lot, you get used to this. Getting very close to someone, enjoying the present and then moving forward to the next adventure. So I acted in the same way: hugged hi, said “take care”, grabbed my luggage, and got the fuck out of there.

When I arrived home, which is Argentina, I felt so emotionally drained that I didn´t want to leave.

I ended up staying for a year and a half.

The beauty of time is that it helps you heal. I cried like a mother fucker for the “F&B Director”, but now is just one more interesting story to share.

Back on my days Snorkeling in Florida Keys. I had an amazing group of friends and we had a lot of fun doing activities new for all of us. My roommates were a girl from England and one from South Africa.

We bought a car together which was named “The itchy pussy”, but that´s another story…..

7 thoughts on “The Female Barry

      1. Barcelona in Spain or somewhere else? I’ve never been in Barcelona but I love Gaudì and I’d like to visit this city. Is it real that is full of artists?


      2. You live better there? Why you chose a european city? My husband dreams abput America and he would live there. He loves America and America life. Me I lived in London when I was 18 for 3 years but now London is a normal city, no more punks, no more darks, no more strange people. So now I’d like to live in a city full of artusts like me.


      3. I found my place in the world in Barcelona. I have Spanish family so it was easy to settle down here. I don´t see myself moving anytime soon. I love Barcelona.


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