First attempt at making vegan cauliflower teriyaki wings

I have to admit that the outcome was not 100% right, but they were still delicious!

I followed this recipe:

There´s two reasons why my outcome was not well:

First, I had to mix flour, water, salt, and granulated garlic, and add the cauliflower florets into the bowl to gently toss to coat thoroughly, but I didn´t do that, nor spread the florets out so there is some space for air to circulate around them in the oven.

Second, my oven is very old and not reliable, hence after having the cauliflower in the oven for 45 minutes was still not ready tender nor done.

By now, I thought I failed at making my vegan wings, but I´m not a quitter so I tried plan B.

After mixing in a skillet and bringing to a boil the teriyaki sauce, agave syrup (original recipe has honey), garlic and ginger, added the cauliflower and let it cooked together. Later I passed it to a grill to toast it more.

This was the outcome!

My skills need improvement, and I need a new stove for sure. I loved the recipe, so I will try it again soon.

I will not even bother with the oven!

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