My quick and nutritious vegan breakfast

I´m not usually hungry when I wake up, and most of the times I´m in a hurry. Before, I used to have a coffee and a croissant while going to work, now I found a much healthier routine.

Having a smoothie for breakfast has made a huge positive change in my day, especially since I started to eat 98% vegan.

I tried different flavors’, but what I need in the morning is something fruity. Today I used this:

-300 ml of water and 200 ml of almond milk with no sugar

-2 scoops of a protein powder with 22 vitamins and minerals, strawberry flavor.

-1 small banana

-1 scoop of a frozen mix of red fruits

-1 teaspoon of hemp seeds

-1 teaspoon of a mix of crushed seeds

Put it all in the blender and that´s it!
Always recycling the glass jars

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