Using your disappointment in a creative way

If you check out this post , I was upset about this guy’s behavior, and I made the conscious decision to let him go. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, because one more time I got attracted to the wrong guy, I put all those emotions into a collage.

Step 1:

First I found a big piece of hard material that I have been keeping for a special occasion. I started to go through all my images and put on a side wherever made me feel something about the situation I was going through.

Step 2:

Start putting images together, trying different things. The process is mostly about wherever is going on in my head. This time, I wanted to use words. It was the first collage I added words to it. It looks like I had something to say.

I had something he gave me the first time he came over to my house, which was perfect for my closure process. It was a cannabis packaging from “rainbow chips”.
Almost ready, but It needed something more.

Step 3:

Final collage!

I´m on one side, Rainbow, with a joint on my mouth, holding a light that represents my need for emotional balance.
On the other side is Chip, a rabbit surrounded by women, who makes sure to tell them they mean nothing to him.

“If he says you are not important, run from Chip”

So, if you know a Chip, make sure you run as fast as you can. He is not worth your time.

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