Netflix, HBO or Amazon Video Prime?

Me – Inshot

First, I had Netflix for a couple of years until I was bored of it. Then I subscribed for the free trial for HBO, and after the first month, I decided to keep it. During 2020 and the Covid surprise, I ended up having both at the same time.

Last December, I was trying to save money as well as using my time in a more productive way, so I unsubscribed from both.

It didn´t last long, and after a couple of days of pure boredom, I remembered about Amazon Prime video so I tried the free trial.

It was a huge surprise when I found “Criminal Minds”! That was my favorite series when growing up. If you don´t know it, is about the Behavioral Analysis Unit from the FBI, where this group of criminal profilers analyzes the crime scenes. Is all about analyzing the behavior and find the perpetrators.

I have always been amazed at the human mind and the dark places people can go to. I spent a month watching one episode after the other one! It was like an addiction, I came back from work and I needed to watch Doctor Reid and the team doing his magic.

Now I went back to my original goal of saving money and using my time in a more efficient way, so I´m not currently subscribed to any.

Not sure for how long it will last this time.

If you have to choose one, which one will you choose?

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