Different ideas to make plant-based mince

It was the first time I tried the products from Beyond Meat. It’s sold only in one supermarket in Barcelona, which I never used because it sells mostly meat.

It was pricey, but I was very high when I got them and didn’t bother too much.

As I cook only for one, it was enough for three meals.

1st Meal:

First time I salted the mince on olive oil with red and green pepper, garlic and tomato sauce.

Prepare cuscus and serve it with nutritional yeast on top which gives it a cheese taste.

I chose cuscus because is fast and I was very hungry

2nd Meal

I love tortillas so of course I had to try it on it! This time I salted with mushrooms, pepper, soy sauce, parsley, cherry, and a bit of salt.

I accompanied the dish with some kale chips. I love to grill them with olive oil and any condiment you like.

With fiber and sesame crackers and lemon on the kale chips

3rd Meal

How I made the mince was similar as before, with red and green pepper, garlic, mushrooms, on olive oil and I added carrots and smoked paprika this time.

I was out of everything, so I made vegan naans to go with it.

This time the ingredients for the naans were:

-2 cups of rye flour

-1 cup of water

-1 spoon of coconut oil

-1 spoon of black sesame

-1 teaspoon of chia and flax

-1 teaspoon of salt

-2 teaspoons of hemp seeds

-1 teaspoon of tahini

Adding the tahini and the black sesame seeds was a last minute idea

I use the pan with olive oil.

With nutritional yeast on top

I have to admit that I love this plant-based mince. I enjoyed every meal!

However, it is quite expensive, and I´m on a budget. I can prepare each one of the meals with something else and be delicious.

I quit eating meat for many reasons, but one of the reasons wasn´t because I didn´t enjoy it, I did. I enjoyed the flavor and the texture to be honest.

This plant-based mince tasted like meat mince, it was a weird reminder of it.

Overall, it was a great experience. This beyond meat mince will be one of my special treats from now on.

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