First time growing indoors cannabis

I´m finally doing this! I bought the Cannabis kit on December 2020, and it took a while to set it up.

My kit has a name by the way, Kitlandia.

I´m starting with 10 Somango seeds.

-It´s a cross between the Jack Herer and Big Skunk.

-Indica-dominant hybrid.

– 75% Indica / 25% Sativa.

I never tried Somango before. Until very recently I would only smoke sativas, mostly Amensia. I´ve been switching now to more indica-dominant hybrid and I mix it with CBD. I don´t use any tobacco.

FEB 2nd

I started to germinate the Somango seeds. I got them as a gift with the purchase of the Cannabis kit.

First step:

I placed them wrapped in soaked paper towels in between 2 plates. Keep them in a dark place, with moderate temperature. I checked them everyday, making sure the paper towels were wet, until the taproot came out.

FEB 5th

7 seeds got the taproot, I sowed the seeds on soil substrate for cannabis, and I placed them in the tent.

The babies coming out

Checking the PH of the water has been a challenge too. It was either too low or too high.

Now, based on the PH chart, I´m on a 7.5. I´ve been using filter water.

My notes says it should be between 6 to 7.

First thing to figure out: How to decrease it a little bit?

Not sure if I´m on the right direction, I tried with the Advance hydro, but I believe is for the flowering stage. Now I´m just adding the TNT and the PH result is quiet a dark green.


The first 4 stems came out today! Some are tiny, but beautiful. I placed the LED as low as possible.

Low humidity?

My humidity is on 40% RH, which is low according to my notes. It says it should be between 50% to 60% RH.

Second thing to figure it out: How to increase the humidity? I’m watching tutorials and reading blogs.

I´m starting to check placing the thermometer in different areas. How much can it change?

María 1
María 2
María 3

To increase the humidity without having to invest right away, I tried adding bowls of hot water next to the vent and the intractor.

I don´t think is a practical idea, and it doesn´t last long. I have been looking at humidifiers, I will try to buy it next month, so for now, I´m stuck with the bowls.

Recycling the plastic container of ice cream

I tried placing the thermometer on top of the soil, and it went up to 42%RH. Then I watered them, waited a while and it went up to 45%RH.

Still trying to figure things out here!

There´s 3 that the stems are not coming out yet.

Today I went to one of my Cannabis associations and they had Somango.

I´m finishing today trying for the first time my future Marias. It was delicious, and the high was just right.

Nice high for writing

Any experienced growers, feel free to give me some tips!

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