Hiding for a couple of weeks

la cata love by inshot

My last post was on Feb 10th and I have to admit the last couple of weeks were very difficult.

I was very depressed, my feelings were all over the place.

I would cry in the shower, I would cry in the morning, or even on the bus.

It’s funny how as an adult, I can continue to work and live my life, without showing how I’m feeling inside.

We have been very busy at work and I play an important part in the company. I’m able to perform fine for them, I really enjoyed my job and I’m thankful.

For the last couple of weeks, I kept myself busy doing collages as birthday presents. I felt I needed to release all those feelings by creating something new.

My cannabis kit is up and running, I have 7 plants growing. It’s been a challenge, but learning how to keep them alive, keeps me focused.

I opened up to someone about my childhood trauma and it felt really good. It was a guy I liked a lot, and he must be very confused because I cut all communications with him, and then I shared something super personal and traumatizing for me.

I have been avoiding writing, and today is the first time I do it in a couple of weeks.

I felt like different things were happening and I didn’t even know where to start.

I think I can start connecting to this blog again.

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