I keep making personalized collages as birthday presents for good friends

Final piece

I really enjoy making a collage for friends. They choose their own images and I connect those images creating something new.

One year ago, this pandemic started and I found myself with a lot of time in my hands. I have over 20 collages at home.

I’ve been able to collect so many images coming from magazines, paper wraps, postcards, old photos, which is a fun process for people to choose from.

This is how it started for my good friend B:

Of course, a good joint and some Lambrusco are part of the scene.

Those are 3 recycled boxes I have collected from old cigars, and now they are the keepers of some of the material. I have been carrying them since 2013 and I have used them for different things.

She goes through first the postcards, I write down things that she says to remember what got her attention the most.

I get amazing material from thrift stores, for example, “Mercat dels Encants ” in Barcelona. Like this 2014 agenda with Dali work, one of my most precious findings. The postcards are from my travelling, back in the day when we could travel as we wish!

So after we go through all the material, she chooses the size and the type. She said she wanted a medium size with an asymmetric form.
Then, I start my part:

I usually I do it at night, or sometimes on weekends. First, I display all of the images and I read the notes I took from when she was choosing them.

After going through what I had, I wanted to create something earthy, like a mountain with water.

She chose many phrases, lots of images of glasses and drinks, and I wanted to be able to use them all.

I like to make it fun, I cut things smaller and smaller to be able to make it look like one.

Recharging with a good joint. Lately, I have been smoking half THC with half CBD.

I keep adding details and then I taped them so secure them

Recharging with my amazing vegan smoothie

On the back, I make something so it can be hung on the wall as well.

This is already hanging on my friend´s wall
Bottom left of the collage
Lower center
Upper center
I’m on this collage along with the birthday girl

Making a collage as a present for someone with images I recycle and they choose

So it was my roommate’s birthday, and I wanted to try this for a while. To give a collage as a present, where the person chooses the images, and I represent something afterward. This is how it started. I have images already cut, kept in different boxes, so it is very easy to choose. A … Continue reading Making a collage as a present for someone with images I recycle and they choose

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