The evolution of my Cannabis Indoors

I absolutely love my plants. Is a process that challenges me each day, but gives me so much satisfaction.

My girls started to grow slowly.

I placed them on top of the pots where I was going to transplant them later. I thought maybe the Led was too far away.

Some of them started to die. Now I know all the things I was doing wrong. For example, the water I was using was not filtered enough, I was feeding them everyday with nutrients and my humidity was very low.

Some of them grew nicely, but the leaves started to turn yellow.

It was time to make some changes. I bought the humidifier, and it was a game-changer.

What I changed:

I use only filtered water for the humidifier and watering

Nutrients once or twice a week with TNT

Transplanted them into the final pot

Keep humidity on 60/70%

Temperature: 20-25C

Understand the flow of the air inside the tent to keep leaves moisture

17 of March Update

They are 6 weeks today. They keep growing and looking beautiful.

Do you ever get in the tent and talk to them? I can fit inside, and is so peaceful in the morning when I´m checking on them.

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