The name of this post has 2 meanings: On one hand, it’s the collage I made as a birthday present for my good friend Gala, and on the other hand, she chose one of Dali art work named “The wines of Gala and of Gods”. So it felt appropriate to name it like this.

As usual, it started in my living room table, where I bring all my boxes full of images. Apolo is always a part of it.

Apolo supervising the process

Once all the material is chosen, I keep it all together until I have some time to work on it.

I go through all the images and I start picturing what I could represent with them. There’s always a good joint and something to drink. In this case, it was Lambrusco.

I’m not sure what my process is. I guess I just follow my intuition.

I don’t use all the images that were chosen. In this case, Gala chose a small cardboard, so I chose what I thought it better represent her.

Gala once gave me a magazine from the magazine “Coiffure Professionnelle” where she was modelling, that’s her on the top left. There’s also a picture of us a couple of years ago, during her birthday celebration, on the top right.

She said she liked the technique I used in some of my collages, where I cut the images in exact sizes and alternate them.

Sometimes Apolo lays down on my side, he loves the human contact.

I keep adding things and cutting, trying different options. When I’m sure how I like it, I tape it with glue.

And more cutting and rearranging

Final collage

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