My 40 turning-point?

I haven´t been posting, or writing at all. There was a part of me that didn´t feel like sharing. I´m still feeling the same way, but I think the fact of turning 40 soon has something to do with it. It feels ok to be an introvert.

There was one thing that I didn´t stop doing and that is making collages.

I like to set up the environment, with my cats close to me, something nice to eat and drink, and a good joint. I like to think that I spoil myself a little bit.

Sometimes I´m in the living room, like the photos below with Apolo, always in action:

Eating and drinking some apple cider, smoking some weed, listening to music, is a moment for me.

Usually, when I’m making a collage, I asked questions to try to understand how I´m feeling and where the discomfort comes from. Like trying to let the images speak. However, one the one below the first thing I wrote down was freestyle. I literally went with the flow.

Mixing images, I look at them, cut them, move them around.

It slowly comes to life.

I go through the details of how one image connects on top of the other one, however, it might not make sense for everybody.

I called this collage “Zebra bitch”.


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