My Somango

By the end of 2020, I thought it was an amazing idea to grow my own cannabis. I bought the indoors kit and I enjoyed the process of growing my plants.

Checking on them every day, having that commitment with them, was a special experience, as I saw them bloom. However, sometimes I asked myself whether this was the worst idea ever.
I smoked in the morning, before catching the train to go to work, I smoked during the day, while still at work, and smoked when going back home.

Somango was my first harvest. Here are the first months of Somango:

July 2021

I took a while to figure things out.

I was very proud of my girls.

Getting there…at one point they got yellow and I thought I fucked things up.

But it worked out in the end. I was in love, look how cute she is!

It was time for the next phase: First I trimmed them, before cutting the stem.

Then I cut the stem and hung them backwards. I used the tent itself for the drying process.

Getting dry and ready

Cutting and more cutting


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