So.. as repetitive as this sounds, I made one more collage and the same topic came up: my addiction.

Is hard to admit to myself that there is a need of using non-stop and that I lost control.

So this is how it starts: blank cardboard, magazines, and random images that I keep in boxes.

At the back of the desk, there’s a collage of the cats I had before Apolo and Onix. I made that collage when Cata died I was so shocked about how she died. There are also 2 drawings from Catalina that I bought in some of my travelings. The bigger one is from Italy and the small one is from Serbia.

Theres a lot of images that I grabbed and then don’t use. I have 3 boxes where I keep different sizes of images.

Sometimes the collages are very fast, and sometimes it takes months. This time, it took 2 days, during the same week.

Now it is finished. Mi adicción.

In my home country Argentina, fumeta means the person that smokes too much weed.

“Fumeta operativa” is what I call myself sometimes, because I can do many things while being high, and you wouldn´t know I´m high.

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