Obsessed with my panthers

I was born and raised with animals. At one point in my childhood, I remember having 5 cats, 2 dogs, 1 turtle, and a couple of birds (they didn´t survive for long having 5 cats….)

Now as an adult, I choose to live with cats. My dream would be to live with many cats and rescue them from the shelters, especially those grandpa/grandma cats who no one wants to adopt because they are seniors.

I control myself and stopped at 2 cats, simply because I don’t have my own place and it would be irresponsible to have many. I have 2 black cats, mini panthers, male, who love human contact and interaction and snuggle with me every night.

I never wanted to have children, which is something I never felt the desire or need for, however, cats are a different story. They make me happy, they fulfill my heart and that is the type of motherhood I choose.


Now they are almost the same size….
Just chilling here on the patio
Just netflix with my human
Just perfect purr
mom I can help with your collages

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