About Cata Love

What if you are 40 and still trying to figure things out?

Never thought I would be writing a blog, but here I ‘am.

It started when Catalina died and Cata Love was born. I guess it was a healthy way to cope with her loss.

This has been the year of rewriting your own history, don´t you think?

Fucking an unexpected 2020.

I’m a mix between Argentina, Spain, and Italy but when it comes to writing it flows better in English 🌍

I found my place in the world in Barcelona.

What will you find here: Blogs about life and sex, cannabis and lots of collages, my love for animals, and my journey to becoming a vegan.


Made with cannabis leaves.

The original Cata love

Catalina, la Regina

On the back are Catalina´s photo and the collage that I made to honor all my felines that are in the feline heaven.
Of course, Apolo has to be part of it.

What if I don’t know how many guys I fucked

If you ask me a number, I have no fucking idea. I tried once to make a list, but I had so many one night stands that I lost track. Alcohol was heavily involved and sex was mediocre, so does this even count? Of course it does, but it goes straight to the “black list… Continue reading What if I don’t know how many guys I fucked

The Female Barry

Back in 2010, after working at Ski Resorts for 6 years doing winters back-to-back, I decided it was time for some sunshine. I had a degree in Hospitality management, so I thought it could be fun to work at a hotel. I applied as an intern and I got the internship in a beautiful island… Continue reading The Female Barry

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