I wonder how much weed is too much? Lately, i smoke a joint with my morning coffee. Try to make it a mix between thc (amnesia has been my choice for years now) and cbd.

I came to one of my cannabis clubs today to get some cbd. I asked, which one is sativa? The girl at the dispensary said, cbd is not sativa nor indica. That’s not what I heard girl, now I will have to look it up to know exactly what to respond….

What’s really the meaning of being a stoner? I don’t fit the stereotype and I doubt people think that about me when we meet. But once we start interacting more I always want to know if they want to join me for a joint. I always end up connecting more with cannabis users, not stoners, but open-minded people who I can connect on different levels.

I’m not saying that everything is perfect about weed. I do have my own struggles with the amount of weed I smoke and the reasons why I always end up looking for more. Like with everything in life, having a balance is important.

Mate is an Argentinian beverage which is a perfect partner for my joint

Since I can remember, I´ve dealt with depression and anxiety. I´ve been taking a psychiatric medication for the last 10 years, but I know that taking medications are not the solution to the problem.

I have always been fascinated by cannabis, I have been a user since I was a teenager.

When I moved to Barcelona, I was amazed at how cannabis friendly this place was. We have cannabis clubs, where you become a member and get your weed by supporting the associations.

Growing my own weed started on 2020. Back on March when we had our first lock down in Spain due to Covid 19, Cannabis clubs were closed.

I started with outdoors, but I don´t have good conditions. Many seeds didn´t even make it to the first transplant. Some of them made it, but still died. Got spiders, trips and who knows what else.

It took me months, but I managed to grow 4 outdoor plants: 3 THC and 1 CBD. They were very skinny, I don´t have enough sun in my backyard.

Apolo The Weed Guardian

I´m ready for the next stage: Indoors. I did a lot of research and I bought a kit that is right for the place I have. I´m scared but excited. For me, this process will be very therapeutic. I´m trying to find the best fit for myself when it comes to cannabis.

I think it will be nice to document this new experience. I will fuck it up many times for sure.

Cannabis has it´s own flow and if you go with this flow, many positive things could come from it.

So here it goes….

Cannabis Blog

DECEMBER 14th 2020

After thinking about it for ever, I finally decided that I was going to finish 2020 with my cannabis kit.

I received 3 big boxes, got everything out and got a bit worried as I had no idea what each thing was.


I´m still trying to identify what is each. The actual tent came with instructions, but nothing else. WTF.

For every little step forward, I have to watch a tutorial 10 times.


I´m starting to realize this is going to take longer than expected….


I asked this cute guy to help me and he said yes, but cancel on me on the day he was supposed to come.


I realized that I´m missing the hangers for the Led and the filter. I´m currently broke, so I´ll have to wait a bit more.

All of this is a big challenge and I´m outside of my comfort zone.

There´s so many things I have to learn, but this is what I wanted. A fucking challenge.

Trying to figure things out….


It took me a while to set up the tent and don´t make me start with the Vents TT, the cables, the intraction and extraction.
Now I´m stuck at not understanding what´s the order when putting things together…. the vent, the filter, the fan


This is taking much longer that expected. I need an extra pair of hands to hang the filters, etc, so I have been stuck setting up the ventilation system.

I´m not in a hurry, but it will be nice to finish 2020 with the kit set up.

Fingers cross my friends 🤞


So I notice there´s a lot of procrastination on my side with this new project. Every single step forward requires time and I keep pushing this on a side.

I started with Cata Love at the same time and I´ve been inspire writing blogs.

Don´t worry my beautiful cannabis kit, I´m still here. Mommy is just busy with other things.


I just decided you need a name. From now on you´ll be “Kitlandia”

Check out


Is funny how I wanted to finish the year with everything set up, I´m still stuck with the ventilation system….


Can you see the cannabis? I have to admit I have been busy doing many collages

Collage and photo by me


I placed the order for the hangers a while ago and then a huge storm happened in Spain and all deliveries have been delayed. It looks like is arriving today.

I think that I´m almost ready. I decided I will start with clones, because I need to get some cannabis fast. My roommate works at a couple of cannabis clubs and I can get some good quality clones from her.


I finally got the poles! and luckily my roommate was at home so I had an extra pair of hands to set it up.

This is how it goes….

I was very excited when I plugged it in and everything started working

This is already a huge milestone for me. Now I will have to watch a couple of tutorials for the next step… to regulate it all together.


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