Collage and photo by me

What the 2020 Covid 19 pandemia brought into my life: A collection of collages

When I moved to Barcelona back on 2016, I was able to rent an apartment, but I had no money left for decorations. I had a lot of images that I had collected throughout my travelling: postcards, drawings, magazines, brochures, coins and bills from all around the world, etc. Before the pandemic, I started to add packaging papers and boxes. I kept anything that I thought had potential to become something else.

When the first lock-down happened in Spain, I was by myself at my apartment. I was going insane, so I thought: “why not take out all the things that I have and see what I can make out it?” That´s when it started.

These are only a few of the collages I made. It has been evolving a lot, from very basic images, to dynamic sequences of images that maybe only make sense to me.

I never thought I could spend so many hours doing an activity like this. Using my hands and my creativity was something I never had time to do. Happy 2020 surprise.

I start cutting and mixing any image that catches my attention. Sometimes is the colour, sometimes is the image itself, or the meaning that it transmits.

Is a very dynamic process as it changes all the time. Sometimes it takes weeks until I find the right connection, sometimes it takes a couple of hours.

I love mixing images from places, amazing artist like Dali, photos of myself, etc. Sometimes I use leaves of a plant, but that technique needs improvement as it doesn´t look good after a couple of months.

Also the vintage stores, thrift stores or second hand fairs are amazing to find material. A good friend of mine found a magazine from 1988 named “Direction” and thought of me.

It was full of amazing images, so I had to grab my scissor and get to work!

Step 1:

I use a piece of cardboard as a base. Once I start cutting, I keep images on different boxes.

Step 2:

When somehow what you see makes sense, you finish!

I was inspired by my vegan journey. Can you tell which images represent that?

I find this activity very relaxing. I smoke my joint and get lost with the flow….

Apolo supervising the process. I made his necklace with the rest of a bag and some cloth left.
In the process of….
Some good cannabis


Rainy freezing Saturday during a third lockdown

Is very cold in Barcelona and we are in lockdown again. I used to feel guilty if I stayed in the whole weekend, but now I have the perfect excuse. This collage has been “on hold” for months, because from one collage, 2 more were created! First, I taped a piece of cardboard on the… Continue reading Rainy freezing Saturday during a third lockdown

Using your disappointment in a creative way

If you check out this post , I was upset about this guy’s behavior, and I made the conscious decision to let him go. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, because one more time I got attracted to the wrong guy, I put all those emotions into a collage. Step 1: First I found… Continue reading Using your disappointment in a creative way

What if…?

I think about Chip often, and I ask myself if maybe I overreacted. The thing is that he made me feel upset. I needed something from someone who couldn´t give me more or didn´t want to. I´m always telling my friends to surround themselves with people who have a positive effect on their lives. Sometimes… Continue reading What if…?

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