What do you eat if you are a vegan?

I get this question a lot and you have no idea how delicious my meals are!

To transition into a vegan lifestyle is not easy and I don´t think is duable if you expect to do it in one day.

It takes time and knoweldge. if you are on a tight budget then you have to cook more my friend.

I do not intend to give advices as I don´t do it perfectly. I do my best.

If you don´t live in a country or in a culture that has vegan food or vegetarian options, then the challenge is much bigger, but is not impossible.

If you want to do it, do it one step at a time.

Start by minimizing the meat, until you don´t eat meat anymore.

Start by minimizing the eggs and the cheese, until you learn how to replace them and don´t need them anymore in your dishes.

You have to listen to your body. You might feel weaker, with less energy, maybe you are not eating enough protein.

Maybe you are losing weight, but also losing your muscle, again… maybe your protein intake is low. You need to learn about vegan protein and plant protein.

However, I don´t go crazy looking at the ingredients of everything.

I believe that extremes will not help me achieving the main goal.

Usually when I have my period I need chocolate and I might eat something that is not vegan. Or if I go to birthday party or whatever, and there´s non-vegan cake, well, I might have some cake.

I know that one day I will be able to say no to that cake, or maybe I will have more vegan friends and all the food available will be vegan.

How my dish looks like

Rye bread with tofu, spinach, mushrooms, veggies, and seeds.

How did I make this delicious sandwich? On a grill my friend.

Cooking on grills uses less oil and the texture is crispier.
Sometimes home made pizza is the answer to my cravings

My veggie plate looks like this:

Asparagus, onion, avocado, zucchini, all made on the grill. Seeds and nuts on top, seasoned with creamy balsamic vinager and parsley. There’s some fiber crackers too.

Or like this:

Salad with spinach, corn, zucchini and mashrooms + Grilled tofu with carrots and nuts with creamy balsamic sauce, on rye bread with hummus . Some potato on the side. Seeds and nuts are all over my friend.

Key ingredients


All types of seeds! chia, flax, pumpking, hemp, sesame black and white and many more.

I buy them separately, I crushed them and put them together in one of my recycle glass jars. By crushing them, your body absorbs the benefits to the fullest.

I add a teaspoon to all my meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and all my snacks.

One of the seeds that I use the most are Hemp seeds. Why? Because it contains the 9 essentials amino acids necessary in the human diet. To say it in easier words, you need to be able to create muscle and those 9 amino acids will do that.

A full protein contains 22 amino acids, so you still have to combine your protein intake with different types of food.


I love adding them to any meal, as it gives you flavour, texture and vitamins-minerals you need during the day.

There´s some dark chocolate in this pic, one of my best friends.

I add them to everything: fruit, veggies, salads, smoothies, on top of the toast, anything really.

How do you make it easier?

I recycle all of my glass jars, and sometimes recycle the packaging of the food as well. I cut the name of it and I tape it on the jar.

I like having a combination of different things in my pantry, so I add different types of food easily and fast.

I add a teaspoon of my mix of seeds, hemp and nuts to every meal. It makes it easier for me to add more vitamins, minerals, protein, healthy carbs and fat, omega 3 and fiber.

Throughout the years, the ones that are essential for me are:



-Pecan nuts


-Black and white sesame seeds

-Flax seeds

-Hemp seeds

-Sunflower seeds


-Dark chocolate

-Peanut butter

-Nutritional yeast


What if you want something sweet?

I don’t spend that much time in the kitchen either, my recipes are very basic.

Coconut oil, almond milk and flour. Some melted oreo on top and nuts.
This is one was more like a brownie with cacao chips and melted dark chocolate and nuts on top.
Any fruit on top, my favourite option are strawberries. This also has tahini on the rye bread and seeds and nuts on top.
Cookies with some black sesame on top. Always with some Argentinian Mate.

Walnuts and dark chocolate

Making Hummus and tahini for the second time – Quick vegan snack

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Making vegan cookies on a Pan

So my oven is super old and non-reliable, so I have to use different cooking methods. This time I mixed the following ingredients:-2 cups of spelt wheat flour-1 cup of almond milk-1 teaspoon of hemp seeds-1 teaspoon of walnuts-1 teaspoon of crushed seeds (chia, flax, black and white sesame)-1 teaspoon of brown sugar-2 spoons of… Continue reading Making vegan cookies on a Pan

Making Vegan burgers

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First attempt at making vegan cauliflower teriyaki wings

I have to admit that the outcome was not 100% right, but they were still delicious! I followed this recipe: There´s two reasons why my outcome was not well: First, I had to mix flour, water, salt, and granulated garlic, and add the cauliflower florets into the bowl to gently toss to coat thoroughly,… Continue reading First attempt at making vegan cauliflower teriyaki wings

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My vegan journey

Young Cata love was raised in Argentina, a country that is well-known for its high-quality meat. I loved eating meat, the taste, the texture, the barbecue experience with your friends and family. It wasn´t something that I planned or even picture for myself. It was something that happened throughout my life experiences, my travelling, and… Continue reading My vegan journey

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