Contes de la vera veritat

This hobby started when covid first hit and lockdown was mandatory everywhere.
I´m happy it continued, it makes me feel happy. I never considered myself a creative type of person. Maybe if lockdown hasn´t occurred, I would have never had the time to explore this type of activity. I was always too worried about wasting time.

There is a process of asking myself a question, and every collage starts that way.

Since I started to use this style, “The stripe one”, I´ve been kind of obsessed with it.

I measured and numbered the pieces first, then cut them.

I take notes from where I´m cutting the photos from, magazines, brochures, postcards, anything, however, it got to a point where I have so many images already cut, so no way I know where it comes from.

On the second day, the lady in red comes into the picture.

I believe she is from 2 Italian artists called Chiara e Michela Giorgiutti. My mother bought a couple of postcards for me from a trip to Italy. I absolutely love them.

The lady in red goes up and down until I find her final place in the collage.

Once all the images are glued, I taped them on the sides to keep the pieces together over time.

Final piece


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