I actually like spending New Years by myself

It´s the third year on a road. Since I settled down in Barcelona in 2017. Prior to Bcn, I have always spent New Years with roommates, co-workers, in parties. There were always people involved.

There´s a beauty in having this privacy. Usually New Years are kind of emotional for me. Not in a way bad, but I get more introvert.

This year have made changes in my life that are long-term now. Changes I didn´t quiet expect.

With Covid 19 still hitting strong, there´s many restrictions in place. Staying home seems like the wiser decision.

Tonight I will make myself a nice vegan dish and have dinner with Apolo. Have some tasty strawberry lime cider, some good cannabis, write and watch a movie.

Or maybe finish that collage that has been sitting there for weeks now.

Ciao 2020.

I passed out on the couch watching “Criminal Minds”. Don´t judge me, I´m only human.

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