Barcelona has changed…

Today is December 25th of 2020. Due to Covid 19, for the last couple of months we have a mandatory lockdown from 10pm to 6am.

Yesterday it was December 24th and the government allowed us to be back at 1am. I always spent Christmas with my Spanish family, but this year I spent it with friends.

I cooked a very nice vegan dinner: seitan with veggies in a creamy coconut sauce with vegan naans. My friends are not vegan and they were all eating pig, but they also tried my seitan for a change.

Usually on Christmas night Barcelona is a party, people everywhere, bars and discos open. But last night it felt like I was living in a different city.

At midnight I was coming back on my bike and the streets were empty. No one celebrating, no music, only police cars driving around making sure everybody were on their way home.

I arrived home so full and a little bit drunk and high. Made myself a tea and cuddle with my beautiful black cat.

It was a different Christmas.


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